Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip to Weatherford

This past week Cody and I took a trip to Weatherford, Texas for a wedding that Cody was in. We left wednesday and came back sunday. It was a pretty laid back trip besides being busy with the wedding stuff, but everything was fun! In case you don't know this is where Weatherford is..Its a small town outside of Fort Worth, it was absolutly beautiful!!! The trip started on wednesday morning and it took about 3 hours to get there, at least I think. It was a really relaxing drive and we were in no hurry so that made it even better.

Wednesday and thursday were pretty low key this is what cody did practically the whole time..
If it wasnt the Wii, it was grand theft auto. As he played, I sat and watched him and helped Sarah out with wedding stuff. On friday, Cody, Warren, and me went to a pond and fooled around before the rehersal dinner that night.

This is the bride and groom at the rehersal dinner..

This is Cody and me at the rehersal dinner.. he looks bald, but he's not..

Saturday was finally the wedding day! It was a busy and fun day. I dont have many pictures, I was enjoying the day too much to concentrate on taking pictures. Plus that is what a photographer is for! This was Cody's first wedding to be a groomsman and he did a great job standing up there :)

At the reception, Cody and I danced our little hearts out! we definatly tore up the floor and my foot (I ended up getting a blister on the bottom of my left foot..random, I know). We left for College Station on sunday despite being reluctant to leave cuz it was so much fun and it was a beautiful place!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


When I moved back to Katy, Cody and me needed a way to talk while we were away from each other. Texting is good but we needed a way to talk and phone calls can get pricey. Well, I remebered when Tiffany went to study abroad we skyped together. So Cody and I began to Skype. Its a free program that you download from you only need a webcam and a microphone. So we get to see each other and talk to each other for free. It has worked out really good. We have skyped since the day I left and we will until the day he moves here (which will be in a couple of weeks) :) Well, over the days I have caught some pretty funny pictures, but for cody's sake I won't put them up. I will instead be a good girlfirend and put a couple of good ones...
ok.. maybe one funny one..
If you notice he has stuck a bottle lid to his forhead and forgot to take it he is a random guy, but it keeps me on my toes :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beach House Trip

Every 4th of July my family takes a family vacation to our beach house that is on Crystal Beach. Well it was that time again.. I was there a whole week of fishing, taking pictures, 4th of July stuff, playing games, enjoying the beach, and just relaxing. On Sat. Cody showed up and stayed until Wed. On one of the days we went fishing with my brother Nathan and his wife Melissa. It was so much fun! and we ended up catching a lot of croker, redfish, and the only flounder that Cody caught.

Then on another day Melissa took some pictures of us. She is a photographer who is VERY talented! here is her website, you need to check it out! you can go to her website or click on the blog. Either way she did a great job, and I love her work!! :) these are only a couple out of many more that she took that day.. check out her blog for more..

The trip was amazing and I wish it didn't have to end..