Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cabin Trip in the Middle of Nowhere

This past weekend we took a trip with our church sunday school group to the middle of nowhere. It was between Leaky and Utopia, Texas and was absolutly amazing. It was on a ranch that was 2600 acres full of adventures to be made. We did a little hunting, just shooting the gun, breathing fresh air, and fellowship with some great friends. Thursday, we finally made it to the cabin after 6 hours of driving and getting lost a time or two. Once we made it there, Cody and Jason got right to getting the feeders ready for hunting the next morning. I took the time to enjoy the cabin's front porch and deer that were at the stand until everyone piled into the bed of the truck and drove around the land.
Later in the day, we decided to do a little pig hunting. It was Cody, me, Tanesa, and Darris inside one deer stand that I am sure was made for two people. Not only was it hot and air was feeling thick but we had just got done eating dinner and stomachs were settling. So the air got even thicker if you know what i mean lol. That ended our hunting trip pretty fast.
The next morning, I woke up to Missy yelling "Cody got a pig!" and my first thought was my baby brought home the bacon!.. literally.. so Cody ended up being the only one who caught something. Needless to say I was pretty proud! After enjoying the day and shooting some guns it was pretty much the end of our trip we woke up the next day, packed and headed home..
well, it was almost the end of our trip.. 7 miles outside of the ranch Missy's tire blew on her truck.. i don't mean that lightly.. It actually blew up..

We eventually made it back home about 5 hours later and while everyone crashed in their beds, me and Cody were sill going strong because Tiffany had her graduation party that night.. It was a fun pool party where I bobbed up and down laying on a beach ball in the water and chatted with some friends while Cody thew kids for 3 hours.. after the party for Tiff I crashed..

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