Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Story of the Lost Cooler

On September 1st as many should know, it was opening day for dove hunting. This was my first time to ever go dove hunting and so it was a momentous day. It was a very early start to the day as my dad and me packed the car, stopped by the donut place, and headed out to Victor's land. Once we got there we met up with Victor, my brother Travis, Cameron, and my dad's banker. It was an AWESOME morning! Spending the time with my dad and brother was very special and I ended shooting 10 dove, which was really exciting with it being my first time. My dad ended up getting 15, and Travis got a lot. So we plucked, cleaned, bagged them and put them in a nice blue cooler.After the morning, my dad had to go to work so I hung out with Travis all day and eventually Cody got out of school, got his hunting license and met up with us at Travis's house. We were getting ready for round 2 of hunting. Well, my dad had taken the 20 gauge that I was using (its my favorite gun) home. So Cody and me were on our way to get the gun, when Travis said "why not put the dove in mom's freezer" It made sense because we were going over there. So I put the cooler in the back of the truck, get inside Cody's truck and we head off. I get to my mom's house and go to get the cooler. As I look in the back of the truck I notice there is no cooler. I look at Cody and he says "why is the tailgate down?"... Oh yes, you are reading right..there was no cooler! The nice blue cooler full of dove was GONE! So I start freaking out. We grab the gun and go, Cody stays calm and tries to retrace our steps as I sit crying and yelling. Well, we retrace everyone inch the truck drove and we did not find the cooler. As I sat crying, some random person just hit jacpot with a nice blue cooler full of dove meat, and a few random bottles of water. So, in order to recover my loss, my brother Travis, Cody, and me end up going hunting. It was a fun time with my boyfriend and brother and by the end of the second hunting trip we have 15 more dove. despite the cooler incident, it ended up being a really great and special day for me. Hopefully in time this story will become a funny one we tell when we go dove hunting again and again.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Put your tailgate up!!!

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